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Active, time-tested investment strategies designed to help you capitalize on new opportunities in an ever-changing world


We actively manage our portfolios in an effort to mitigate risk and capitalize on new investment opportunities.


We work to identify promising opportunities in the U.S. and around the world that we believe will deliver for our shareholders.


Access equity, fixed income, and balanced strategies that we’ve used for decades through a wide range of market cycles and environments.


Investment Strategies

Aggressive Equity

A higher-risk approach designed to capitalize on sector rotations as well as global market trends.

Invests in concentrated stock ETFs and may have substantial exposure to single country, sector, or industry-specific ETFs with strong recent returns and potentially higher volatility.

Core Equity

A moderate growth approach seeks to capture global market trends using diversified stock ETFs that tend to have market-level risk.

May invest in ETFs with growth and value styles, mid to large capitalization and international, global or US exposure.


An active approach to a balanced portfolio designed to provide the growth potential of equities with the lower volatility of fixed income.

Targets core diversified stock ETFs, total-return ETFs, and bond ETFs with various maturities, credit qualities and regional exposure.

Flexible Income
Flexible Income

A flexible approach to fixed income that targets opportunities for gains in the bond market. Seeks to mitigate risk by limiting exposure to more volatile areas of the bond market and through active management.

May have opportunistic exposure to bond ETFs with various maturities, credit qualities and regional exposure. May own total-return ETFs.


FundX ETFs are available at all major brokers, including Charles Schwab, Fidelity, Etrade, and more.